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A present from gods

History        Hints for use

Once there lived a queen, a bee-queen in the heart of the Dolomites, the “ white mountains “. Day-in day-out she and her swarm produced through hard work, excellent, natural honey.


With this honey the newly founded co-operative Rhododendron from the Val Badia produces a light alcoholic drink, mead.


For the old cultures mead was a legendary inebriating  drink for festivities. Today only insiders know about mead.

While the honey lies in water mead forms after some fermentation time. A long time ago mead was produced all over the world and ,so the legend goes, was drank by Dionysos and Bacchus even before grape-wine was  known. Old cultures made mead out of spring water and honey, fermentation was discovered by chance. It was used as alcoholic drink during ritualistic acts and as the effect of alcohol wasn’t known, myths and legends grew around the strange drink. Alteration of senses was attributed to a secret magic, mead became the gift of Gods. These seemed to be immortal because of the drink, for humans it was energising and prolonged life.

“Mead is good, increases the hunger, stimulates digestion, purifies and strengthens the stomach, frees of bad substances” wrote the healer Sebastian Kneipp.

Our mead is a honey-wine which meets highest demands. Through careful production and storage we can guarantee high quality.

Hints for use:

  • mead  is ideal as an aperitif (serve at 10/12 degrees) and as a digestive. It goes perfectly with venison or can be served as dessert-wine.

  • we recommend mead  mixed with mineral water, ice and lemon (drops); a refreshing and light drink for hot days.

  • mead and champagne: taste a sparkling mead-wine, a tickling drink for demanding natures

  • use our mead in the cold season to boil glühwein. Water it down, add cloves and cinnamon, heat it and savour it.